What is "surplus" leather and why do we use it?

Surplus leather phone bag, accessories made from deadstock leather, waste not accessories

We often talk about "surplus" or "waste" leather and the fact that all of our Waste Not accessory range is made from it.  But what actually is it and why do we talk about it so much?!

The terms "surplus", "waste" and "deadstock" are all interchangeable but essentially mean that the leather is leftover and no longer required for its original purpose. This might be due to the cutting process, over-ordering by the manufacturer in the first place or it may be that the leather ordered wasn't fit for its original purpose.  The pieces can range in size from small scraps left over from the cutting of larger items through to vast numbers of entire skins. If not reused, its ultimate destination might be landfill. Given that the global leather goods market was valued at $242.85 billion in 2022*, one can imagine the potential for huge volumes of waste.

Rolls of surplus leather

Our surplus leather, is either leather left-over from our own larger handbags and bike bags, or, it is sourced from British leather merchants who in turn have bought it back as surplus from other well known brands who no longer require it.  Either way, we endeavour to use every last bit of the leather in some way or other, from our larger Waste Not accessories through to our small branded swing tags on our carrier bags.

For us, the benefits of using surplus leather in our accessory range are huge. Environmentally, reducing leather waste in this way is a far more sustainable method of producing quality leather goods.  Making in small batches means we can also access some amazingly unusual patterned and textured leathers that we might not otherwise be able to lay our hands on! Limited edition runs of surplus leather accessories also gives you, our customers, ultimate exclusivity!  It also means our range is constantly evolving with new colours being frequently introduced. 

Ultimately, using surplus leather is great for the planet and great for you!  Of course the irony is that leather itself is a surplus product, being a by-product of the food industry!  But that's a topic for another time...!




* Leather Goods Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report  - 2023-2030